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LakeView Technology Academy: Who Are We?

LakeView’s mission is to successfully educate all students to help them reach their fullest intellectual, academic, social/emotional and physical potential. A specialty high school since 1997, LakeView Technology Academy prepares students to enter the field of engineering or higher level technology.

LakeView has unique partnerships with:

  • Kenosha Area Business Alliance (KABA)
  • Gateway Technical College
  • Kenosha Unified School District

LakeView students can earn the equivalent of one to two years of technical college credits and/or one semester of college of engineering credits upon graduation. LakeView has the highest ACT scores of any public high school in Kenosha, Racine and Walworth counties.

LakeView focuses on four main tracks. Students have the opportunity to focus on: Information Technology, Automated Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering. LakeView is a lab based school, meaning all tracks have state-of-the-art, up-to-date labs to help prepare students for post high school. LakeView’s engineering clubs consist of: SkillsUSA, Underwater Robotics (ROV), SumoBots, and Supermileage Vehicle (SMV). Clubs are open to all students, however some clubs have size restrictions. LakeView has been named “America’s Best High School” in the Nation for the past four years. Come check us out

The Club

The LakeView Supermileage Vehicle Club researches, designs and fabricates energy efficient vehicles. The team focuses on modifying combustion engines, as well as electrical systems for optimum mileage. The team meets five days a week during the school day, twice weekly after school and one weekend a month. The club is open to all students but seats are limited due to resources.

The Competition

The LakeView Supermileage Vehicle Club competes in Challenge USA, Wisconsin's Energy Efficient Vehicle Association. Challenge USA hosts multiple events throughout the year in different areas of the State. Over 50 teams from schools across Wisconsin and neighboring states compete at these events. These events bring anywhere from 50 to 75 cars to challenge in both combustion engines and Electrathon.


LakeView competes in multiple events throughout the State as well as neighboring state competitions./t

Fall Events:

  • La Crosse WI “La Crosse Speedway”
  • Spring Events
  • UW Stout Challenge
  • UW Platteville Challenge
  • Fox Valley Technical College
  • Road America Raceway
  • Iowa Electric Car Challenge

Past Success

The LakeView Supermileage Vehicle Team has only been competing for seven years. In that short time, the team has made quite a name for themselves. In 2018, the team won first and second in the Electrathon division at all four events they competed. Additionally, the team set track records at all four of the tracks!

Designing, Fabricating, Engineering

The LakeView Supermileage Vehicle Team researches, designs and fabricates energy efficient vehicles. The team uses the latest technologies to bring their ideas to life. The cars include technologies from laser printers, 3d printers, CNC plasma tables, CNC mills and lathes. They weld and fabricate frames from metals such as steel, aluminum and chrome molly. The team begins by tracing the driver in the ideal driving position. To do so, most of the components need to be in place to ensure the driver will fit comfortably in the vehicle. Next, a frame is designed around the driver, being sure to meet all of the safety guidelines set by WEEVA. Once the frame is drawn on paper it is created in CAD and prototyped true to scale. This allows the team to get a physical model they can change, if needed. After the frame has been prototyped, the team then fabricates the frame out of the chosen material. Next, the systems (steering, drive train, and breaking) are put in place. All components need to work together for the car to be efficient. As soon as the team has a rolling chassis they begin to design an aerodynamic body covering for the car. The team uses fiberglass and/or airplane fabric. As the car nears completion, the team begins test runs to work out any quirks.

A Club For All Students

LakeView Supermileage Vehicle Team is an organization for all students. Students from LakeView as well as other high schools in the District are welcome to participate. The Team prides itself on diversity. Over the past three seasons, the Team offered an “All Girls Team”. The 2017-2018 team, named the “Animals”, holds the track record at Road America, Fox Valley, Stout, and Autobahn.

Multiple Opportunities

The team offers spots for students who have talents other than designing and building vehicles. The team offers positions for managers, who help with paperwork and day to day operation of the club. There are web designers, who manage and update the website and also marketing students who help promote the club in the school and community. Often these positions lead to students joining the build team. The team functions and operates as a team and like most teams, every position is valuable to the overall success.

Parent Involvment

LakeView Supermileage Vehicle Team would not be where it is today without the high level of involvement and support of parents. The team started with Mr. Schultz and one parent who volunteered his time to help teach the students to weld. That one parent contribution of time helped the tea, get off the ground. Since then, parental involvement has exploded. Parents participate in day to day team meetings by offering technical support. Parents advise the Fundraising/Partnership Committee. Parents join together and host “family style dinners” every Thursday throughout the build season. Parents also attend races and volunteer in the pits, as well as at the venue, helping out where they can. LakeView Supermileage Vehicle Team offers an avenue for parents to be involved in their child's education!

A Changewolf logo

Last year, LakeView Supermileage Team formed a 501C3 named Wolf Engineering Solutions. The team decided to incorporate to give the club the opportunity to pursue alternative fund raising sources. LakeView Supermileage will remain our name, but our official name is Wolf Engineering Solutions. A special thank you to Beth Ormseth, Julie Dawson and Stephen Lesavich from High-Tech Law Group S.C. for their time, energy and effort on developing the 501C3.

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9449 88th Avenue
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158
Email: mjschult@kusd.edu
Telephone: 262-359-8155